Mid 30s. My first trip overseas starts in one month and a bit.

Glass on the MurrayReally?!? Are you serious?!? This is the usual reaction to me telling people I’ve never been overseas. I’m 34. I’ll be 35 by the time I head overseas for the first time next month.

Why haven’t I been overseas? So many reasons/excuses. I’ve loved my life up to this point and wouldn’t change a thing. Have I sacrificed overseas travel to change careers at regular intervals? Sure thing. But am I ludicrously excited to head to DC, NYC, New Orleans, Memphis and Chicago? Damn straight.

I’m going to watch the Yankees. I’m going to watch the New Orleans Saints in the Superdome. I’m going to eat and drink at places I’ve only dreamed of. I’m visiting Sun Studios. The birthplace of Jazz. Travelling the same route Louis Armstrong took bringing a new art form to the world. Would I have done these things at 21? No. Have I missed out on some of the amazing experiences I would have had when younger? Sure. But that’s cool. For every missed experience I could name three that I’ve had experiencing the people and the places across this amazing land.

September 8, 2014. On a big jet plane. Look forward to sharing a little of my excitement.


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